Michelle Cassidy – 2023

February 12th, 2024

Sometimes, you encounter people in life that you run out of superlatives for. Marc is one of those people. He managed the sale of our property with a consummate professionalism, allied to a knowledge of the selling/buying process that I have never previously encountered in this industry.

Not only that, he goes above and beyond in ensuring that the entire chain is kept up to date and advised on potential issues, sometimes before they even happened, in our case. No nasty surprises, just open, transparent and engaging support from him. There’s also no drop off in this when the process is completed as he follows up to make sure that your entire end to end experience was as good as it could have been. No ‘see ya’ from him before the job is done.

His branding describes him as your ‘personal estate agent’ but he’s actually more than that – always willing to take calls, act as the conduit between you and your buyers and goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure that every aspect of the buying and selling process is made as easy for you as can be. He’s also a genuinely nice bloke and that always helps doesn’t it?

In sporting analogies it’s claimed that the word ‘legend’ is overused, and that’s probably true. In the business world the term ‘the best in the business’ is too easy a claim to make. However I can comfortably state that our recent experience with Marc was one where that accolade is entirely deserved. I would absolutely recommend that you engage him to manage your sale and/or purchase – he’ll change your perception of the role of an estate agent. He’s different. And better. And we owe him a massive thank you.